Enchanted Dolls

Some spirits choose to communicate with those on the earth plane to offer knowledge and teachings, and they do so of their own choice and quite often choose to attach themselves to a  vessel of some description to communicate through. They possess the ability of remaining in the spiritual realm and in our earthly realm simultaneously. People interested in metaphysics often become interested in communicating with otherworldly beings and may choose to  keep a vessel or a doll that the spirit can communicate through. Spirit keeping is not a religious activity and many people from all walks of life are spirit keepers. If you feel spirit keeping would be a complement to your current life path, and if you feel attracted to an enchanted vessel then please consider looking after a spirited or enchanted vessel or doll. When you purchase a spirit doll you are provided with a description of the type of being within your enchanted vessel and how to communicate with the being. It will take time for the spirit to become accustomed to you and its new home so be patient and sit with your enchanted vessel often to help its attached spirit being feel secure with you and your needs. Remember attached to this vessel is a living entity and a relationship must be built to enable a solid working relationship to exist.

Our enchanted spirit dolls also arrive with some working magical tools such as wands and jewellery which will strengthen your bond with them. Remember to care for them as instructed in your Spirit Dolls documentation. For further information about enchanted dolls and how to look after them, please go to the College Website here. Because we are entering into a totally new frequency on the planet, many people are beginning to experience that spirits are attaching to vessels such as dolls to communicate information through to the person they want to communicate with. Usually, once they have relayed the appropriate message or messages, they will return to their own realm. This is happening because we are now in the overlap of one great age with another and many beings are coming forward to assist those in need.


Real Magic

The Magic of Merlin Class was a huge success for those who managed to attend. A lot of information about the true identity of  Merlin was channelled through and some of the strangeness about the mystery surrounding Merlin was explained in a manner that modern students could understand. This information was relevant and was in agreement with the teachings of the Sirian Mystery School.

 The true meaning of some of the tarot cards also came to light; especially the Magician, and the Fool. We discovered that Merlin played the part of both Magician and Fool; the Path of High Magic represented by the two Paths leading from Kether on the Tree of Life.

We also noted his association with the Goddess energy, also represented on the glyph of the Tree of Life in the form of the Empress and the High Priestess, and noted the association between the polarities of wisdom and folly signified by the Empress being balanced by the High Priestess as she sits on the Pillar of Equilibrium.


Everyone had a great visual experience as we pulled down the “Globes of Light” and erected the psychic barrier to strengthen the merkabah before invoking the dragons. Everyone could perceive the dragons as they came forward quite readily, and full of curiosity during the dragon attunement and the meditation that followed. The Celtic symbols we were given for the Merlin Master attunement were exceedingly powerful healing symbols and everyone enjoyed giving and receiving a treatment.We used both hands on healing and healing with the wands. We then enchanted the wands I made to make them “magical wands.” Everyone enjoyed using the wands as part of the healing process as well.
Magical wands are fantastic to use as the crystals enhance your own energy, particularly if you are channelling healing symbols. They can also activate the kundalini if held in a specific manner. However, best to do this under the guidance of a teacher.  Overall, it was a great day, and we managed to take some photos showing the spirit guides in the aura.
The wand on the right is before enchanting – the wand on the left is after enchanting.

Further information on the Merlin courses or the enchanted wands can be found at the College of Esoteric Education.

Notes on the Minor Arcana of the Tarot

Seven of SwordsI would like to offer a brief explanation of the minor arcana for those who have difficulty with this part of the Tarot deck.

The suit of Pentacles is a grossly misunderstood suit, and unless you are familiar with the activity of the elements, you won’t properly understand the nature of the minor arcana. Many people think that Pentacles suit has to do with money, career, health and  with the material world. But it really has to do with how you relate to money, how you relate to your  career, to your state of health, to the material world. If you get sick how do you feel about that? What do you do about it? What aspect of the element is out of balance that caused the illness? When you go to work, is it just a way for you to earn money, or is there a sense of service involved? Are you satisfied with your work? Do you come home feeling as if you accomplished something or are you pleased to get out of the rat race? Not the world, but how we interact with the world, is the domain of Pentacles. This suit also relates to our calm, peaceful nature, someone who is generous and giving, friendly and likeable, and also the opposite qualities as well. The suit of Pentacles is analogous to the element of the earth.

The Suit of Cups has to do with your feelings: how you feel, how you express your feelings, and how you respond to the feelings of others and your ability to analyze. Some overanalyze their feelings to the detriment of their relationships. Some take their relationships for granted and miss out on the joy of the mystical union. Cups also deal with quality of life, attention to detail, being very organized and logical, often serious and reserved, but very responsible.  The arts also fall under cups. Most artists paint, draw, sing, act with tremendous feeling. The suit of cups is analogous to the element of water.

The Suit of Swords, associated with air and the intellect, whose way to spirit is courage and the pursuit of truth, and whose flaw is harsh criticism and the despair that ensues when you cut the intellect off from your other functions of consciousness. It has to do with your clarity, your capacity to think clearly because it invokes fast, energetic energy which also makes for flexibility and being multi-talented, innovative and creative. This energy is light, but fast and energetic. If used incorrectly or by thinking negatively, the results are graphically shown in this suit. Swords relate to the airy elemental principle. Unfortunately, a lot of people use this energy incorrectly then wonder: “Why did this happen to me?”

The Suit of Wands is associated with the function of con­sciousness called intuition, and intuition is really quite miraculous; it is spiritual fire.  It is a way of knowing that has nothing to do with reason and very little to do with perception. It is knowing without having learned. Something has come to mind that is totally new. It is not the result of study or of inductive or deductive processes. Even if you had scoured your brain centres, all your ideas, and your entire conceptual framework, you would never have come up with what has suddenly come to you in a flash. What you expe­rience is a miraculous entry into consciousness of something that seems to come from somewhere else. All at once you just know!

The Suit of Wands is related to the fiery elemental principle, with its quickness, suddenness, and dissimilarity to its source. You begin with a match and a matchbox, and all of a sudden, in a flash, you have a flame, which looks nothing at all like either the match or the matchbox. There’s no way to figure out how you can get fire from these two inert little pieces of cardboard. That’s the way intu­ition flashes into consciousness.

The Suit of Wands represents as well, life energy of all forms, including what is called libido. It is the animal energy that drives life, the vital life force that you feel surging up within you. And although those two, intuition and libido may strike you as totally different from one another, they are the opposite ends of the same pole; they really are related as suggested by the word sublimation. Sublimation clearly means “to make sublime.” So if you take that basic life energy and express it, not in its most primitive way through the act of procreation, but by elevating it up through the spine to the sacred gland in the head, you elevate it to a point of artistic expression. By moving the energy to that creative place, you make it sublime.

That we need all the suits of the Tarot is clearly seen in the creative process. When we speak of the creative process, we do not limit ourselves to the writing of a symphony or a poem, or the painting of a canvas. We address anything we do, or any way we live, that involves creative thinking. Functional relationships require endless creativity, the ability to engage another in a way that enhances the lives of each rather than rigid adherence to old patterns that result in conflict. To be ourselves demands creativity. In a relationship it is not two halves coming together to make one whole, but two wholes helping each other to achieve their full potential in the partnership.

I would like to make a final point about the Tarot. It is my belief that everything that is part of human experience can be expressed by, and is expressed in, the Tarot. One excellent way to work with the cards is to think in terms of Tarot, so that when you have a significant experience, you immediately ask yourself, “What would be the card for that? Allow your mind to find it. If you follow that practice, you will find a much-enriched understanding of the cards, especially if you are reading for others.

Some thoughts on the major arcana will follow.

For further information please click here.

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