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Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 8.27.33 PMI have now put up a magazine on the iPad called “Esoteric Meditation” for those who want to get their teeth into the real meaning of metaphysics. I will be revealing some information that has never been publically released before, explaining how galaxies are formed, how they step down into solar systems, how solar systems project theur energies into planetary formation, how the Planetary Logos projects into the life forms on the planet and so on. The magazine is approximately 30 – 40 pages in length and new subjects will be added as the magazine progresses.

Students of modern mysticism rarely appreciate the real value of metaphysical training until they have made practical application of certain cosmic laws and principles. Not so many years have passed since mysticism was only known as a form of mysterious hidden teachings, passed over by most of humanity, more than offering any real help in the material world. There are still many people today who hold the same view regarding the knowledge that lies within the field of mystical comprehension.

The sole purpose of mystical instruction is to develop and perfect the mystical qualities, or the consciousness known as mystical, in each human being.  Mystical means giving a spiritual meaning to life or reality that is neither apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence. Through this avenue, you become attuned to higher impressions, and gain an understanding of that which was incomprehensible to you before. You learn to interpret the emotions and sensations to which you have become sensitive by such development. This happens because the mystical side of your nature, or that aspect, which delights in the mysticism of the universe, relates to the higher side of your being.

It serves no purpose to develop the practical, material side of life to the exclusion of the spiritual or mystical side of life. Both sides should be developed equally to be of any benefit. So, living in today’s society, you should become a well-rounded out personality, having balance through all areas of your life, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, so your development and understanding of all things divine and material will assist you in living a better life, having better health, and more happiness.

Secrets of Advanced Meditation Practices

This is in answer to the person who asked about advanced meditation practices. Advanced meditation practices offer many secrets to the ones who are devoted enough to perform regular practice. Different people are at different levels on the evolutionary scale. They have different constitutions and temperaments, offering a tremendous variety of interest in the different forms of meditation.

So, you do not need a mechanical pattern of meditation to follow; it is not a machine that you are going to transform . . . it is your human body with its accompanying subtle bodies. So, you need guidelines and a system that follows a sequence. Within those guidelines, your instruction is totally individual, and is geared to your own particular needs and level of consciousness. Mechanical meditation can be a hindrance rather than a help.

The simplest and easiest way to approach the meditative path as channeled through by the Sirian Command, is through moderation in daily living and giving up the self as much as possible; but this does not include giving up any basic urge or appetite, it means moderation; moderation in food and drink, moderation of activity, moderation of enjoyment and moderation of entertainment.

Any excesses are to be avoided; excess of eating or not eating, excess of activity or no activity etc. In other words don’t let the pendulum swing too far one way or the other, but keep to the middle way as advised by the Ancient Ones. Don’t turn asceticism into fanaticism and learn to enjoy life the way a small child does.

Do not become overburdened because fate has dished up this or that experience for you. Be aware that you subconsciously create our own experiences. If you don’t like the weeds that are growing in the garden of your mind, pull them out and plant flowers instead. So too will meditation help you plant flowers of hope and happiness in your own life as you pull out the weeds of doubt and despair.

The energies of life flow through the force centres or chakras and determine your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. The expression of emotions is usually considered pleasurable but the suppression of them usually results in tension and pain. The suppression of pleasure only creates a need for overindulgence, subsequently turning pleasure into pain. Pain is an indication that you are going in the wrong direction. Through desire and emotions you create movement, which in turn enables you to change.

Consciousness is never static; it thrives on change. Suppression of the emotions causes blockages to occur in the centres impairing their natural function. The purpose of energizing force centres is to bring about a free, unimpeded flow of energy. This allows all aspects of yourself to function naturally.

Energy flows two ways in the force centre system; vertically, as it passes through all the centres, and horizontally as it passes through each centre. The vertical channel can be thought of as the main source of energy coming into the body from the deeper aspects of the Self, while the horizontal flow is the expression of that source to the outer world of manifestation. The vertical channel is primarily a polaric flow between the incarnate state of existence and the planet. In order for this flow to be balanced each end of the spectrum must be open and connected to the energy source peculiar to it. However, nothing in this universe is static, and that balance may alter as time goes by. There are two basic factors that may cause this alteration.

1. Future circumstances in your life may so impact upon you as to cause some centres to become blocked or congested.

2. Energy conflict may occur amongst the centres. The energies channelling through the centres come from three different sources within this planet; so, we may classify the centres as such:



The circumstances that may cause conflict to occur may be indicated in a number of ways:

a. disinclination to ponder the centres

b. actual difficulty in pondering a centre

c. a feeling that something is not flowing as freely as it previously was.

A little extra attention by you when you are pondering your centres should rectify the situation, otherwise, if you are formally receiving instruction through meditation, please check with your instructor. Do not let any energy situation prevail for any length of time without discussion as usually the problem can be quite easily corrected, or ways can be shown to allow you to “walk more comfortably through the situation”.

Once the process of meditation is started, you are committed to find regular time to continue to process or you may find energies backing up in your system causing you flu-like symptoms, or many seemingly unexplainable symptoms such as general aches and pains. If this happens, a more frequent pondering of the centres will eventually clear the problem for you. Learn to listen to your thoughts and feelings during this process as many past conditioning thought patterns will start to break down to allow for the higher frequencies to enter.

A very wise teacher once said, “You can’t put new wine into old skins”; nor can the higher frequencies enter into a body that is still resonating to old patterns. They will, however, push on the old patterns to try and release the stored energy, and this is what may make you feel uncomfortable for a time. Return to as simple and plain a life as is practically possible during this time. Many people find their creativity stimulated at this time, so please pursue any creative impulses that start to impinge on your consciousness.

One way of resolving the energy conflicts mentioned above is by repolarizing the energy. By that I mean transmuting certain energies into their polar opposite, instead of trying to repress that which is not understood. One advantage of meditation is learning to understand the hidden significance of the circumstances that prevail in your life. It is particularly pertinent in understanding the duality of life, the ups and downs, the happiness and the sadness, sickness and health etc. Everywhere in life, you will find these polarities causing the experience of duality and you can either succumb to their influence or grow because of them. They cannot be avoided, but you can equip yourself for the better accommodation and management of their effects.

The purpose behind energizing both upper and lower centres is the establishment of an operative polarity balance. Perfect balance is an unachievable state in the human mechanism due to many factors. The state is also not desirable, as it would not give options to further progress. In actual fact, there are always fluctuations as one polarity interacts with the other for dominance. Living a balanced existence means the ability to hold close to a central point with only minor swings that don’t cause too much disruption. This does not mean that you become dull and lifeless, quite the opposite, in fact; you become dynamic and vibrant, with a presence in the eyes and the body.

Generally, it is your tension that makes you lethargic and dull; and tension is only the result of alienation between various parts of yourself; parts that sometimes are too painful to look at or have been repressed. As these parts are brought back into balance and integrated through the process of meditation, you experience increased vitality. Remaining balanced is a cumulative skill, and it is only over time that real results may be achieved.

Anything beyond the advanced levels of meditation borders on discipleship, the practice of Magic, the practice of Metaphysics, advanced forms of Yoga, or walking the Path as an Initiate.

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Book of Meditation for Advanced Practitioners


Meditation Book

To Meditate is to Be


Meditation books for advanced practitioners are rarely available on the Internet as these secrets are normally taught privately because of the danger involved in opening the channels in the body between the personality and  the Higher Self.  So how does one select the best book for the understanding of advanced meditation techniques that are available? Many people wanting to advance a little further beyond the beginner stage are still often confused about some of the meditation techniques offered. So here are some suggestions to help you choose, especially if you want something beyond the guided meditation technique.

A good book of meditation for advanced practitioners is one that still gives easy to learn techniques such as starting out with techniques for learning to control the mind. The first thing that should be elaborated is how to control your thoughts. You need to be able to control what thoughts buzz through your mind at any time of the day and discard those that are negative or not applicable to personal growth.

For the practice of advanced meditation, a good book should show you how to hold onto certain trains of thought without the interference of other thoughts taking you off at a tangent. Once you have mastered this, the book should show you how to maintain a perfect stillness in the mind.

Once mental mastery has been considered, a good book for advanced meditative practitioners should explain how the elemental principles have an influence on your personality type. The book should explain how to ascertain your personality type and how to balance the elements that are out of sync.

Once your personality type has been ascertained and you understand your weaknesses, a good book for advanced meditative practitioners should then include a short treatise on the benefits of diet and exercise relative to your personality type, to bring the body back to balance in the physical world.

Once the thought processes are considered and the physical body also considered, advanced techniques should then focus on bringing the emotional body under control via affirmations, autosuggestion, kinesiology or any technique that will help you achieve this end.

A good book of meditation techniques for advanced practitioners should teach you to remain silent about your progress to avoid the negative comments from other people, as the beginning stages of advanced work are sometimes difficult until mastered. Many people give up at this stage considering the work too hard. It is not. It just needs tenacity to master.

Further techniques in a meditation book for advanced practitioners should describe how to develop the subtle senses such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance.. Everyone has these abilities, but they are usually latent in most people until practiced and developed.

These techniques also depend on the earlier steps of finding your personality type and developing up any weak areas to bring balance to your personality structure.

Once body, mind and emotions are brought under control, then an advanced book for meditation practitioners should explain how the energy of the universe in the form of the vital life force can be used  for healing, for space impregnation, for transplantation of consciousness, for the expansion and contraction of consciousness and other powers that become available to the advanced practitioner after much practice.

Further to that, it is best to learn under a teacher experienced in such matters. The Sirian Mystery School teaches the highest information and advanced methods available on the planet today. Some information can be accessed through the College of Esoteric Education website. However, advanced meditation techniques can only be taught privately as the techniques are mainly passed on from teacher to student via an attunement.

For those interested in advanced meditation techniques the information is available at:  

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Symbols in Meditation

Let us now look at how symbols may be used in mystical exercises and how the symbol may serve as an instrument in the technique of initiation. The aim of all initiation is the integration of man’s personality into a soul personality and the elevation of his consciousness beyond the ordinary mundane thinking into the abstract. Its technique comprises the manifold methods by means of which such an integration and elevation of consciousness may be facilitated. At all times the symbol has served as a powerful tool in that technique. It is wise to consider it from that viewpoint.

The subconscious mind, when permitted to speak, will express itself in a language of symbols during dreams, visions or psychic experiences. Such symbols will always emerge spontaneously and unannounced. Usually they appear quietly, almost casually, and are at times, almost missed.. At other times, they erupt into consciousness with great force. Most of them are enigmatical and possess multiple meanings, so they must be extensively contemplated, and their hidden meaning deciphered, until their concealed message has been comprehended and understood.

But the converse aspect of the situation is of importance also. Inasmuch as the symbol is the language of the subconscious mind, it is also the language that the subconscious mind can understand and by means of which it may be reached. Thus, symbols may affect the subconscious mind and arouse it into activity. When used in this manner, the symbol may serve as a powerful tool to stimulate the subconscious mind.It follows that a consideration of the use of symbols in mysticism has two aspects: first, the action of symbols upon the subconscious mind; second, the proper assimilation of those symbols that emerge from the subconscious mind.

Let us consider the first. It is well known that symbols may be used to awaken realizations that lie dormant within the subconscious mind. A candidate of the ancient mystical initiation was provided with a symbol and required to contemplate it in solitude, in silence. During a state of contemplation, the objective mind of the candidate was subdued and the subconscious mind made receptive to incoming impressions. Contemplation of the symbol exerted an influence upon the subconscious mind through association and suggestion.

The chain of associations awakened by the symbol through resonance stirs into action certain latent forces, and may arouse ideas or realizations that have lain dormant for several incarnations. However, in order to unfold, and this is of great importance, the seeds of such realization must already have been sown, perhaps inprevious incarnations. Barren soil cannot give growth to rich fruit. Symbols can only reawaken that which is already lying asleep. This is why some meditators will have trouble pondering certain symbols.

Please remember that for every mind there will exist certain symbols that will not evoke any response. When this occurs, the effect of a symbol is not that of reawakening. It is the beginning of a new acquaintanceship. In this event, the symbol, so to speak, sows the seeds that future incarnations must mature.

A powerful traditional method of permitting a symbol to reiterate requires the candidate for initiation to paint and draw a prescribed set of symbols with most painstaking care, and to do so in color. This activity forces the symbol to impress itself profoundly upon the subconscious mind, and draws it into active participation. in more modern forms of meditation, the symbols are instructed by attunement and spontaneously appear in meditation.



Intuition is a natural inbuilt process that you can tap into, if you are prepared to put some time and effort into it.. Basically, you just have to trust what impressions you are receiving. The more you learn to trust, the more your intuition will work for you. The more you practice listening  to your guidance, the more it will work for you. But you do need discernment as to whether you can trust your intuition. It may be coming from your own brain centres.

You can check your intuition simply by asking the question; “Is this coming from my Higher Self? The Higher Self is always steady, patient and will get you to your correct answer. If the information is coming from the emotional level, it may appear to be either hesitant or unsure or give you the information too quickly and then peter out. The Higher Self will still be there and you will feel steady and feel that this is right for you. However, if you would like to develop this natural ability even further, you will find some tips below.

1. Meditation

There are various meditation techniques available today; it is just a matter of finding one that suits your temperament. Relaxation is a natural side effect of meditating and is a good way to start to prepare for the development of intuition. When you are relaxed and the mind is quiet, it is easier for intuitive impressions to impact upon your consciousness.

2. Remain in a positive state of mind

When you can free yourself from the stresses of everyday living, that will do much to improve your intuitive ability. By staying positive, you attract positive streams of energy making it so much easier to intuit events.

3.  Learn to listen to the inner voice

If you are on the brink of making an important decision, release, relax and let go of all inhibitions and head to quiet, peaceful surroundings where you can tune in and listen to the still, small voice within you; that voice is always there – but it won’t be apparent until you still your mind and emotions.

4. Allow some time

After releasing all those things that stop you from thinking and feeling clearly, allow some time for your intuition to filter through to your conscious mind. It is like stirring up a muddy pond – you have to wait till the sediment settles before you can see the bottom clearly. Give it a little time then….Bam!…. now you have your answer.

5. You can’t be intuitive and sad at the same time

Happiness attracts immense power and part of that power includes intuition. In learning to increase your awareness to develop your intuitive skills, your motivation must be selfless but positive. Natural gifts like intuition, if abused by trying to find numbers for lotto or such like, will always be counter productive to your highest good.

Intuition, in most circumstances is extremely helpful, because sometimes it leads you in a direction that could not be found otherwise. A lot of lives have been saved by intuition alone. Help has seemingly come out of nowhere because someone used their intuition and instead of the person being led on a wild goosed chase, they actually discovered someone badly in need of help at an accident scene or they were able to help someone find the right way because they followed an intuitive hunch to go to a certain place.  Decisions are made easier if you are armed with this gift. Develop intuition now by lots of practice and reap benefits you have only ever dreamed about.

Further information on such interesting subjects is only available through the Sirian Mystery School, a division of the College of Esoteric Education. Because universal concepts are difficult to understand, much of the teaching is explained through analogy and allegory. The “Books of Wisdom” series, available for download on the website under the various levels of membership will take you into the mysteries of universal energy, the galaxy, the solar system and how our planet Earth is totally integrated. Most of this information has never been publically disseminated.


Illumined individuals throughout history seemed to have access to a secret mystical philosophy that enhanced their mode of living. The way they lived their life was both personally gratifying and uplifting. Their thoughts and deeds have inspired people down through the ages to try to find this elusive power these people seemed to possess.

What techniques did they acquire that can be effectively applied to everyday living and how does one go about searching for this information? How does one then prepare for a life of such creative endeavour?

These are some of the questions answered by intelligences that emanate from the Source of All That Is. The profound teachings that were given are presently being taught through the Sirian Mystery School, which was formed to teach humankind an awareness of itself and its relationship to the universe. The teachings incorporate a meditative path and a series of lectures designed for achieving a level of self-realization.

The ancients gave the injunction: “Man know thyself” and then you will know the secrets of the universe. How does one get to know the self?  The Sirian Mystery School provides the techniques for accomplishing this inward focus and experience. The ancient wisdom is coming forward into the consciousness of the planet once more.

Have you experienced the whisperings of a deeper level within your being? Does a mysterious intelligence seem to well up from deep inside you at times? Your consciousness has no limits if you let it rise above those circumstances that seem to weigh you down. Inspiration and intuition are not haphazard events but come into play when you draw, at will upon this mighty Presence.

Silent and formless, it awaits contact with your mind to enable you to bring your true potential into outer reality. This is a phenomenon natural to all human beings who attune with its energy. There are subtle faculties of the mind just beyond the surface awaiting your positive command. They respond to natural law and benefit all who learn to use them.

The purpose of meditation as taught through the Sirian Mystery School is to assist people in balancing the different functions of their existence, namely, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and to bring those who are ready into an understanding of their existence, its direction andits purpose. The practice of this form of meditation requires a readiness to accept guidance along a structured path back to Source by one who has travelled that path before. It needs the ability for a gentle concentration only, following instructed guidelines. No prior experience or special techniques are required as this Path is, at all times individually supervised.

The corruption of a teaching is inevitable. As that which is channelled through in purity is disseminated throughout people of varying abilities, so there is a diversification and alteration of the original. That which alters goes ahead to guide the development of humankind as required in each cycle and must be seen, of course, as functioning into the purpose of the initial teaching from which it comes. Now, as there is a cycling and a loss of that which is taught in purity, so there is, also obedient to the law of cycling, a revivification. As a cycle culminates, there is a corning to fruition of everything that is part of the cycle including that which is continued from the teachings given at its beginning. Those thin threads, carried by sincere people, come to the fore and are energized by the cycling re-emergence of the forces that originally taught.

The meditation channelled through is practical and demonstrable and the travel upon this path is carefully and compassionately supervised to assist those who feel they are ready to travel this path to inner knowledge and wisdom, the Return Path back to Source. The individual supervision allows the student to progress at his or her own rate and the program is structured in such a way that the beginning meditator needs no prior experience or special qualifications in order to proceed through the various steps.

This teaching format has been responsible, in one of its innumerable functions, for guiding the overall development of humankind. It has passaged through the required people, at the beginning of each of the several past cycles of humankind’s existence, the foundation for knowledge and understanding.

Upon that foundation, humankind has been prompted to enquire into and to develop, within each cycle, the many different forms of activity that have come to feature human existence. The intelligences responsible for this teaching have been present for the duration of humankind’s existence on this planet.

Because of the cyclic rise and fall that attends all functions, however, the effects of their teaching have not always been apparent. As each cycle within the overall rises in its development, there is a besmirching of that which is taught in purity at its outset. The wisdom which was earlier passed through becomes lost or corrupted; but loss is never total. As each cycle proceeds there is a continued looking on the part of dedicated people for that eternal foundation. In such people there is a continuation of thin threads of the overall wisdom that guides all cycles and which is taught anew at the beginning of each.

The nature of these teachings is such as to establish a resonance between the person and the energy forces responsible for that person’s existence. In that resonance lies the wherewithal for that person to act as a channel for energies from a deeper source. Those energies, depending upon the requirement, may function into one or more of many diverse fields.

The Sirian Mystery School is a channel for the function of that wisdom. Its responsibility is to set the feet of ready ones upon that pathway back to the Source.

The energies involved in incarnate existence alone vary considerably in their subtlety, their function and in their readiness and all of these must be brought into a concordant wholeness in preparation for the journey. The fact that a person would consider travelling a path of such a deep and profound meditation is a tremendous achievement in itself, and may be seen as the fulfillment of the cycle of human existence

The Sirian Mystery School is the product of forces of high intelligence required forward in the function of teaching to humankind a knowledge of theenergies involved in human existence. These entities reside in realms which, to a human understanding of time, are eternal. They are a part of the continuing structure of the universe but the effect of their function in the incarnate realm appears as a cyclic manifestation, appearing, receding and re-appearing in obedience to the wisdom by which they too, are directed.

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If we were totally clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and clair-cognizant, we would have no option but to live our lives like an automaton, because we would know everything in advance. But because we are not, we have fate and free will co-existing in perfect harmony. Don’t be disturbed when things go wrong, but instead look at this as an opportunity to make some changes in your life.

There are areas where, because of our degree of development, fate will be our teacher, and other areas where, because we have learned certain lessons, and reached a degree of spiritual maturity, we are free to act independently. This does not happen, of course until we have a certain amount of emotional control over all areas of our lives.

This goes hand in hand with that immutable law that states that each cause sets free a corresponding effect. Everyone has the feeling that doing something good will bring about good results and conversely that corruption will breed corruption; or in the words of a proverb: “Whatever a man sowth, that shall he also reap.”

One does not plant poppy seeds and gather roses. Subject to this law of cause and effect is also the law of evolution or development, so we could say that development is an aspect of the Law of Karma.

Once we can accept this principle, life will no longer seem so much of a struggle and we can get on with living full, healthy and happy lives, knowing that there are going to be situations that we will have to accept with good grace until we are able to bring ourselves into line with Divine Law. offers new and exciting information for those seeking the Ancient Wisdom in a more modern format.


Walking a metaphysical path will raise many conflicts of principle, morality and purpose within you and in the process of awakening to your higher purpose, and subsequently function as a personality upon the earth plane; both the good as well as the bad are brought into consciousness.  Deeply buried garbage in the form of mental conditioning and emotional programming as well as deeply buried joy will begin to well up to the surface of your mind for your consideration. You will need to learn how to process your garbage into compost to make fertile soil, so that the seeds of joy that were given to you when you incarnated, have a chance to grow to maturity. 

Great courage, determination and tenacity, as well as kindness and compassion, are required to resolve the conflicts that will arise during your lifetime. Thoughts are like little seeds and they are planted in the most subtle garden of your soul. They can be nurtured by your own positive thinking or destroyed just as easily by your negative thinking.  The fertile soil that exists in this subtle garden is capable of producing anything; any power, any accomplishment.  You have but to desire to prepare the soil correctly.  By keeping out the weeds of fear, guilt, stress and doubt, and regularly composting your soil, you learn to become a gardener of the most spiritual kind.

Sometimes students expect me to reach over and pull the weeds out of their garden or to water their garden. But what would happen if I did that?  If the soil has not been correctly composted and watered daily with kindness, compassion, patience, tenacity and enthusiasm, the weeds would surely grow back again, especially if the wrong kind of desire was used as a fertilizer.  So, I have to look for the natural rhythms of growth and development within each individual, knowing that if development is hastened prematurely, disaster could well be the result as the needed lesson would not have been learned.

A story by Nikos Kazantzakis may illustrate this point for you. Kazantzakis was probably the most significant and most translated Greek philosopher of the 20th century. But he did not become truly well known until the release of the Michael Cacoyannis film Zorba the Greek in 1964 which was based on Kazantzakis’s novel of the same name.

“….I remembered one morning when I discovered a cocoon in the bark of a tree; just as the butterfly was making a hole in its case and preparing to come out.  I waited a while, but it was too long appearing and I was impatient.  I bent over it and breathed on it to warm it. I warmed it as quickly as I could and the miracle began to happen before my eyes, faster than life.  The case opened, the butterfly started slowly crawling out, and I shall never forget my horror when I saw how its wings were folded back and crumpled; the wretched butterfly tried with its whole trembling body to unfold them.  Bending over it, I tried to help it with my breath.  But it was in vain.  It needed to be hatched out patiently, and the unfolding of the wings should have been a gradual process in the sun.  Now it was too late.  My breath had forced the butterfly to appear, all crumpled before its time.  It struggled desperately and a few seconds later, died on the palm of my hand.

That little body is, I do believe, the greatest weight I have on my conscience.  For I realize today that it is a mortal sin to violate the great laws of nature.  We should not hurry, we should not be impatient, but we should confidently obey the eternal rhythm.”

So those who desperately try to develop their psychic abilities and think that something is wrong – relax and enjoy your spiritual path. The abilities are a side effect of walking the spiritual path and when due preparation has been accomplished, the unfolding will occur when it should. Everything has its right time and place; and you will know that if things are flowing smoothly the right time has come for that particular event to occur.  That does not automatically say that when difficulties occur, you should not persevere; you may be learning to develop qualities such as patience, determination, discernment, comprehension, perception or understanding.

To live a balanced life on a spiritual path requires a great deal of honesty, forgiveness and the ability to be able to release your hurts and pain.  If you are not truthful with yourself, you will never see your own obstacles.  To help you to see your own truth, it is necessary to run your thoughts through your heart before you speak them.  If your heart has not been injured, then neither would the heart of another be injured.  We are reminded of this very point by the aspirants of old when they said: “Be careful what comes out of your mouth.  For it is not what goes into the body that defiles it, but what comes out.  Until one’s lips lose the ability to wound, one cannot stand in the presence of God.”

As you learn to release the pain of old hurts, you also release the memory circuit that is connected to a weakened or diseased part of your body.  This allows for a fuller flow through of the vital life force and allows the area concerned to relax and begin to heal; and so, the old memory can no longer be triggered by new experiences and you gradually become free to live in health and harmony.

Please be patient with yourself; there is much to learn, some to un-learn, some to be deconditioned and some to be reprogrammed.  It is wise not to expect instant change and transformation, but to live in the eternal now accepting and accommodating change as it occurs, allowing it to assimilate at its own rate. In our society of instant food, instant coffee, instant this and instant that, shortcuts to success and the instant availability of an enormous amount of information, some do expect instant change and transformation and are disappointed when this does not occur.

You are protected from instant transformation by a very complex memory bank system.  While this sometimes appears to be a great hindrance, nonetheless, if it were not necessary, it would not have been built into you.  The path back to the Source or God is a mirror image of the path that was trodden on the way out, and that which is out of balance, will at some point in time, need to be balanced on the way back. That future time depends entirely upon the commitment and dedication of the one walking the spiritual path.

Granted, enormous changes will take place, and the opportunity is there for the discovery of your purpose on the earth plane, but without your commitment, there may be delays and setbacks.  These delays are not to be looked at negatively, but merely as opportunities to develop some part that may be lacking at that particular time. Always be optimistic, and imagine what it would be like to have what you desire, then your intention will assist you to grow into that.

Now I will read you a mystery.  Like the cocoon that evolves into the butterfly, so does the soul of man forever evolve, by degrees, into the perfection of the divinity within.  This is the law of Evolution.  There is one way you may hasten the process.  For since man has been given the power of thought, and since thought creates, you can become that upon which you dwell.  What does your garden look like?

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Disciplines of Meditation

There are various things that a student should remember when attempting to meditate.

1. The first thing is to follow the advice of the Ancients and “know yourself.” As you begin to study and know yourself, then you will begin to understand the secrets of the universe. It all depends on patterning. Follow the pattern of the human body and you’ll see it reflected somewhere in the universe. For example we have an endocrine system that sends energy and particles around to the physical body to keep it healthy. So too does the solar Logos send energy and particles (which many term “aliens”) around the various planets in its body to keep it healthy.

2. Proceed slowly. It is no use rushing in to meditate and expecting instant results. It will not happen. In today’s hectic world, it takes some time for everything to even begin to slow to a point where meditation can be achieved. Firstly, one has to slow the body; then it is easy to slow the mind and overcome its chatter.

3. Study the effects of your meditation. Are you achieving any worthwhile results? If not, why not? Are you using meditation correctly? Are you using a form of meditation that is beneficial to the type of body you presently inhabit?

4. Eternity is forever. That which you are able to do slowly and well will endure; that which is rushed and soon forgotten will not.

5. Meditate in the same place and at the same time every day. You are a creature of habit and once this is established, you will feel somewhat “lost” until your meditation practice has been accomplished.

6. Once you begin to meditate – your obligations also change. You enter a life of service. Humanity is in dire straits; anything you can do to assist through meditation is appreciated at the deeper levels of being.

7. Do not be disappointed with your progress. Don’t expect psychic phenomena to exhibit every time you meditate. Psychic phenomena is merely a side effect of walking a meditative path, and in and of itself means little to the true practitioner of meditation. Seek the deeper spiritual illumination instead.

Most who meditate are conscious of some effect in the nervous system; sometimes it appears as sleeplessness or nervousness or excitable energy in excess. The effects exhibited depend on the temperament and how much the body is able to handle a higher frequency. After some time of practice, the effects begin to even out  and meditation will seem normal once again.  This is when you know you are assimilating the energy before the next frequency jump to a higher vibration.

College of Esoteric Education:


Relaxing Meditation – The Key to Peace in Your Life


Relaxing Meditation does bring about tremendous peace in your life. If you have ever wondered about how to bring peacefulness into your life, it means that you have been contemplating how to open the door to a different quality of life; or how to access different levels of consciousness. Most people operate at beta level of consciousness, but when you employ relaxation meditation, you can learn to use the alpha-theta levels of consciousness.

There are any number of different types of meditation available for those who wish to use a form of meditation to release stress and tension from the body;  but for most people Relaxing Meditation  is often the most beneficial. This is a beautiful way to assist yourself and others that you interact with, in full consciousness, because it allows you to move into the alpha state and still interact consciously with others. Whenever you are engrossed in any activity such as painting, drawing, running or reading, or even stacking boxes -  you are in an altered state because of the repetition of the conscious activity, and you are relaxing simultaneously!

Even though this might sound simple, it may not be easy for you to accomplish. This is because your mind has a tendency to wander about and it is easily distracted by its external surroundings. In addition, your busy lifestyle may grip you so tightly to the habit patterns of the day that you just cannot make the time to enjoy the fullness of the world in which you live. However, there is a way to stop the hectic pace and the key to doing this lies in some form of meditation. If you have never meditated before, you will find it an enjoyable pastime.

There are various keys available; some are for more advanced practitioners who will use the key  that resides in the base chakra. For others, the key will come through the releasing of emotional baggage, or the clearing of old belief systems. This key, whichever one you use,  will allow you to unlock the doors, not only to inner peace, but also to health and well-being. It will enable  you to exist in the eternal now, to let go of external distractions that may keep pulling you back to the past, and it will assist in removing thoughts of anxiety about the future and your tendency to be over-critical of yourself and others. In other words, it will open you to a different state of awareness where you can begin to appreciate life and  even assist those with whom you associate.

Meditation can assist in normal everyday waking consciousness as you learn to focus your mind into other more productive areas. You will often then experience  wonderful things that were unavailable to you at the lower level of consciousness. You will experience greater clarity, and as your thinking becomes more focused, you find that you can achieve the things that before seemed impossible. Your mind and body then will experience a greater sense of peace as the tension and the stress in your life start to fade away and become replaced with peace and happiness.

There is really no right or wrong way to go about relaxing meditation. It is a very personal activity and it can adopt many forms. You can experience it while sitting or lying down, or even walking in the park. You can experience it with your eyes closed or with your eyes open. Many things that you may associate with meditation such as breath work, candle gazing, yoga postures, or moving meditation such as Tai chi, or contemplating a mantra are all techniques to aid you on your road to meditation success, but they are not the essence of relaxing meditation, they are merely props until you can bring your mind under control.  The serene state of mind and body and the state of being in the present moment is meditating. In fact, the only tool you ever need to meditate is the mind – but not the conscious mind. You will learn to use the many different levels of your mind and the many different states of consciousness as you move deeper with the practice. As you begin to relax, your mind will move into the alpha state – a sort of dreamlike state – and this is where the body begins to relax more and more. After some time of practice, you will move to the theta level of consciousness and this is where you will experience the deep inner peace.

Moreover, to begin relaxing meditation, it is always better to explore several techniques and select one that best suits you. This means that you have to take time to search for the meditation technique that is in harmony with your being. So begin to explore different types of meditation and see what feels right for you.  The secret is to practice regularly; if you don’t practice you won’t get the benefits attributed to Relaxing Meditation. So this is a journey of self discovery as well as discovering the key to Relaxing Meditation.

 Article from Article Base has been rewritten, corrected, revised, and updated by the College admin. For a fuller explanation of how walking a metaphysical path works into today’s modern world, and how to gain self realization please contact the College of Esoteric Education. Chakra meditation through the College, allows you to open, activate and allow the centres to run on their own circuits, thus awakening your subtle senses.Full chakra activation is unable to be taught publically and is suitable only for those following a deep meditative path.

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